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Microsoft is giving away a special gold-plated Xbox One X, and you’ll have to play games to win it.
The golden console prize will be given away as part of Xbox Game Pass Quests: Summer Edition, a recent series of challenges Microsoft has issued to subscribers. Players with Game Pass can complete certain challenges for the chance to win prizes, and the most recent two challenges will grant players a chance to win this golden console.

Up for grabs: this gold-plated Xbox One X Project Scorpio.Just complete this month’s quest for your chance to win:
— Xbox (@Xbox) August 15, 2018
In order to win, players will need to compete this month’s objectives. There are two that are still available. The first asks players to play 30 minutes of multiplayer every day from now until August 20th. The second challenges players to unlock seven new achievements between August 21st and August 27th.
There’s a “mystery prize” that will go out to everyone who participates, but only one grand prize. The Xbox One X plated with real 24-karat gold, according to the Xbox Twitter account, and is a Project Scorpio edition of the console.
To see more details on the quests, check out Microsoft’s site. Obviously, the tasks are time gated, so if you want a shot at the console, you’ll have to jump on these quests before August ends.
We’ll keep an eye out for more prizes that may be offered in later months.


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