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If Microsoft has its way, the days of running out to purchase a new gaming console to completely replace your old one will be a thing of the past. At least, you won’t have to buy new games or learn about a new platform. This year’s Xbox Scorpio release will usher in a new age for Xbox One fans. No longer will they have to accept giving up their titles or buying new accessories just to get better-looking video games on their new television set. The Xbox Scorpio will deliver better graphics while making it easy to upgrade.

Revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo last June, the Xbox Scorpio is an all-new Xbox console built with optimal gaming performance in mind. Microsoft says that it is stuffed with so much new hardware that developers will be able to do things they never could with the Xbox One S or Xbox One. Xbox Scorpio will boast support for virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift VR headset from Facebook. The console will also deliver games that look better on televisions with the latest 4K display technology inside.

Xbox One S

The Xbox One Scorpio release date will come sometime in 2017.

Microsoft hopes to mix the things that are great about gaming on a Windows PC with the ease-of-use and stability that can only come from gaming on a console. The entire proposition is as risky as it is bold. With the Xbox Scorpio release date set for this year, it’s time to start talking seriously about this new console and the impact it’ll have on Xbox gaming.

Here are the things we know about the Xbox Scorpio release date, hardware features and why Microsoft thinks that you’ll want to consider purchasing an Xbox Scorpio in 2017.

Xbox Scorpio Release Date

Microsoft revealed what it’s calling Project Scorpio in June of 2016. At the time, video game console makers were all under fire for different reasons. Nintendo had confirmed a 2017 launch for the Nintendo Switch and had nothing else to say about it. Sony was also rumored to be hard at work on a new version of the PlayStation 4 that would offer visually enhanced games.

Xbox Scorpio motherboard

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Phil Spencer, head of Xbox for Microsoft, introduced the world to Xbox Scorpio. At the time, the company only showed off a motherboard for the console. It confirmed that it would not launch the Xbox Scorpio in 2016. Later, Xbox Team members confirmed that the announcement came early because they wanted to begin working with video game makers to add support for Xbox Scorpio to their games.

The Xbox Scorpio release date will be sometime in 2017. Specifically, the company has said to expect the new video game console to arrive on store shelves during the holiday shopping season. Microsoft hasn’t tweaked that release window since. For now, the plan still seems to be a holiday roll out of the console and games that support it.

Xbox Scorpio Price

Of course, once people knew that there was an Xbox Scorpio release coming, the next thing that they wanted to know was how much it would cost them. Even today, we don’t have a very clear picture of how expensive the Xbox Scorpio will be.

Xbox One S

The Xbox One S.

Certainly, the Xbox Scorpio price tag will be higher than that of the Xbox consoles that came before it. The Xbox One S, a revision of the Xbox One announced at the same time as the Xbox Scorpio release was revealed, starts at $299. Through promotions, gamers can get versions of the Xbox One S for as low as $249. Xbox Scorpio will have more powerful hardware that costs the company more.

The Xbox Scorpio will absolutely cost more than an Xbox One S does today.

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For its part, Microsoft has made the higher price tag perfectly clear. Speaking to Dual Shockers, Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg confirmed that the console would be more expensive than what it sells today. “Well, we think about it as a premium product,” he told the outlet. “from that standpoint, it is going to be a very high-end product.”

Xbox Scorpio Performance

Microsoft’s marketing has already honed its message before even announcing the Xbox Scorpio release date. The company calls the upcoming console the “most powerful console ever.”

We know a little about what’ll is inside this new console. The Project Scorpio information page on the Xbox website promises 6 Teraflops of power and 8 CPU cores. We also know that 320 GB/s memory bandwidth will help it handle processing the 4K video games that it’ll support. Offering games at 4K resolution is the big draw for Xbox Scorpio, the Xbox One S supports 4K video only. Games are upscaled for 4K televisions. Put simply, Scorpio will deliver visually stunning games on high-end television sets.

For comparison, the PS4 Pro offers 4.2 Teraflops of power. It uses its extra processing power to handle enhanced versions of games already available for the PS4.

For all we know, the Xbox Scorpio could look like a bigger version of the Xbox One S that’s already on sale. It could also look like completely unrelated to what you have under your television today.

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We don’t know what ports it’ll offer either. That could turn out to be very important. Microsoft killed off the dedicated Kinect port on the Xbox One S. There’s nothing indicating that the HDMI pass-through port and an infrared transmitter that lets the Xbox One S’ OneGuide app talk to cable boxes and television sets will be present in the Xbox Scorpio. Microsoft has slowly axed many of the console’s entertainment features to focus on gaming.

Xbox Scorpio Games

We have more information on games than we do anything else. Almost all of it is good news.

Though the Xbox Scorpio will have new internals, it’ll still belong to the same family as the Xbox One and Xbox One S. Anyone that has made investments in the ecosystem won’t see that money go to waste.

Xbox One games

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Xbox One games will work on Xbox Scorpio. By extension, Xbox 360 games that are part of the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Program will work with the new console too, we believe. Xbox has been pretty clear about its plan to make this console transition easier on longtime fans. This good news also applies to Xbox One accessories. Add-ons, things like headsets and controllers, from the Xbox One will work on Xbox Scorpio. You won’t need to buy all new accessories for the Xbox Scorpio release.

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We’re also pretty sure that transitioning from Xbox One or Xbox One S to Xbox Scorpio will be painless. Xbox Live already ties purchases made in the Xbox Store and game saves to Xbox Live accounts. For example, to switch to an Xbox One S you need only log in to the console with the same Microsoft Account that you used on your old console. There’s nothing indicating this process will change for the Xbox Scorpio.

Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda for Xbox One will work fine on Xbox Scorpio.

To maintain parody and keep everyone on a level playing field, Xbox Scorpio will not have exclusive games, the company’s Aaron Greenberg told Engadget. That is, developers won’t be allowed to make a game that’s available on the Xbox Scorpio but not available on the Xbox One S or Xbox One.

“We’re not going to have console-exclusive games for Project Scorpio. It’s one ecosystem — whether you have an Xbox One S or Project Scorpio, we don’t want anyone to be left behind,” Greenberg told the media outlet.

Xbox One Scorpio VR Headsets

There is one exception to the no exclusives rule. Xbox Scorpio will use its extra horsepower to offer VR headset support. Those games won’t come to the Xbox One or Xbox One S because those consoles don’t offer nearly enough power.

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What headsets the console support remains murky, though. Facebook’s Oculus Rift VR headset would be a natural choice. It’s already widely available, and the company partnered with Microsoft to include an Xbox One controller with every headset. On the other hand, Microsoft’s Windows Team is working with PC makers to create virtual reality headsets already Microsoft has already confirmed that these headsets will work on Xbox One, but not until sometime in 2018.

“We’re also excited to share that Windows Mixed Reality experiences will light up on other devices over time, beyond desktop and Microsoft HoloLens. Our plan is to bring mixed reality content to the Xbox One family of devices, including Project Scorpio, in 2018,” the company said in a related post on its Windows Experience Blog.

To be clear, Xbox One will support VR and MR. MR is short for Mixed Reality, a new type of headset technology that Microsoft is pioneering. MR headsets add holograms and things in your physical space instead of trying to entirely immerse you.

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Xbox Scorpio Pre-Orders

You can’t place Xbox Scorpio pre-orders just yet, which makes sense. Xbox Scorpio hasn’t been fully detailed. We don’t know how much it’ll cost. Gamers would be ordering blind at this point. That’s never a good idea.

Sign up for Xbox Scorpio release date reminders at the Microsoft Store.

The Microsoft Store does have an email list for users to submit their name, though. The online retailer will email subscribers the moment Xbox Scorpio pre-orders become available. Presumably, GameStop and Best Buy will offer Xbox Scorpio pre-orders once Microsoft details its price and hardware design.

Xbox Scorpio Release: Rumors

  • According to Windows Central, a major news outlet has already gotten a look at the Xbox Scorpio and is planning exclusive coverage.
  • In a separate report, Windows Central alleges that Red Dead Redemption 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have 4K visual upgrades for Xbox Scorpio. The report also says that Crackdown 3 and Forza 7 will act as visually upgraded launch titles for the new console.

Xbox Scorpio Release: When We’ll Learn More

Theoretically, we’ll learn a lot more about the Xbox Scorpio release, including its release date, price and launch line-up of games this summer. Microsoft typically reveals exciting things that it is working on at or before the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June. It releases the more exciting things in its line-up in September, October and November.

Xbox Scorpio E3 2017 confirmation

Xbox Scorpio E3 2017 confirmation posted to Twitter.

A recent message posted to the Xbox Twitter profile has text on top of a picture of the Xbox Scorpio motherboard used for last year’s promotional video. That text confirms Microsoft will talk about Xbox Scorpio at E3 2017. What’s more, the company is holding its briefing on Sunday, June 11th. The company’s briefings have taken place on Mondays in the past.

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