Xbox Project Scorpio Reveal Coming Sooner than Expected

It seems we might not have to wait until E3 to get the full Xbox Project Scorpio reveal, specs and all. An official unveiling might be happening imminently.

According to a report from the notoriously accurate Windows Central, Microsoft recently invited a “major gaming outlet” to come take a look at the Project Scorpio and its internal specs. It’s not known which outlet this might be, but The Verge and Polygon have both always had a good relationship with Microsoft, so it could potentially be one of these.

Microsoft apparently used Forza Motorsport 7, which hasn’t yet been officially announced, to showcase the power of the upcoming console. Allegedly Forza 7 will be one of the headline titles used to exemplify the Project Scorpio’s power and 4K prowess.

Other reports have suggested that Crackdown 3State of Decay 2Call of DutyFIFAMadden, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2 would be among the other Project Scorpio headliners.

Project Scorpio
This is the only glimpse of the upcoming Project Scorpio console we’ve had so far…

Project Scorpio reveal pencilled in for next week

We’re a little sceptical about this, but it seems the Project Scorpio reveal might happen as early as next week – perhaps on Thursday. Of course, as with all rumours, we’d advise that you take this with a large sprinkling of that proverbial salt.

Currently, Microsoft has only given us a few hints about what’s to come with Project Scorpio. It will run at six teraflops, with 12GB of GDDR5 RAM (ditching the original Xbox One’s ESRAM) and offer “true” 4K gaming. We’re still waiting for Microsoft to reveal what CPU the Project Scorpio will pack and, of course, what the console will actually be called.

This isn’t the first time a pre-E3 Project Scorpio reveal has been teased, though. Back in March, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that Microsoft was looking into revealing the console’s full specs ahead of the June 11 E3 press conference, as “doing everything at E3 would be difficult”.

Interestingly, Spencer also spoke out more recently on Twitter to put theories of an upgradeable console somewhat to bed:


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