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The Xbox Project Scorpio will be an expensive console due to its specs, and it might not be a good idea for Microsoft to do that.
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The Xbox Project Scorpio is Microsoft’s latest console and its 4K streaming and gameplay will likely make it an expensive unit, probably above $400. Though the console is said to be the most powerful ever created, putting an expensive price tag on it might not be a good idea.

According to a report from the Daily Star, recent leaks have somehow suggested that Microsoft’s latest console could be priced higher than the £350 – £400 ($437 – $499) price range that Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro is at. And this is due to the individual parts that make up the Xbox Project Scorpio.

The report said that the console is leaked to be capable of 4K streaming and gameplay recording, which requires a particular technology to pull off. That particular piece of technology is in the price range of £240 – £320.

It’s possible that Microsoft won’t be incorporating the full retail price of the technology in the price of the latest Xbox. The company has likely been able to negotiate a discounted price for the piece of technology. But it still shows that the console will be an expensive one.

The report said it is safe to expect the Xbox Project Scorpio to be priced above the £350 ($437) price of the PlayStation 4 Pro. This is understandable, though, considering that Microsoft’s console will be more powerful than Sony’s.

However, putting an expensive price tag on the Xbox Project Scorpio might not be a good idea for Microsoft, according to Science World Report. An analyst for Wedbush Securities, Michael Pachter, is saying that it would be suicide for Microsoft if they make the console expensive.

The report said that even if it launches with several exciting games, the higher price tag might be its undoing. Xbox Project Console is scheduled to launch in the 2017 holiday, and Microsoft is planning to provide more information about the console during E3.

Fans will probably get more idea on how much the console will cost and can determine if the features and specs it will have will be worth the price tag. Check out more information about Xbox Project Scorpio in the video below.

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