Xbox One X Pre-Orders Now Available From 3rd Party Retailers

Xbox One X pre-orders have been up and ready at the console’s official website, and retailers are following suit one by one. The latest console from Microsoft is set to ship out starting Nov. 7 and starts at $500.

Microsoft/XboxThe Xbox One X, Microsoft’s latest console, is now available for pre-orders.

The basic 1 TB model of the upcoming Xbox One X console has been up for pre-orders on Microsoft’s website since its Gamescom announcement on Aug. 21, with online retailers announcing their own inventory over the following days.

Supplies have been unreliable, however, with the console quickly selling out barely a week after pre-orders opened. This Wednesday, however, inventory seems to have stabilized as retailers announce more pre-order units, starting from GameStop’s announcement last Tuesday.

GameStop has pushed through and has revealed Xbox One X bundles ranging from the basic $500 bundle, to $800 with a few add-ons included, according to Gamespot. The most expensive offer, the Xbox One X 1 TB Standard Edition Gold Bundle, includes an Xbox Live Gold membership good for six months, as well as one Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller.

It also includes a SCUF Elite Pro Kit controller thumbsticks for the Xbox One in green and an ASTRO A40 TR Headset. The whole thing costs $800.

Amazon also has its own Xbox One X pre-order slots as well, and so does Best Buy. Microsoft’s own Store got some units available, too, with Newegg also having the basic bundle to offer.

All the retail outlets offer the standard edition, with the special Scorpio edition nowhere in sight as of this time. As such, there is no official word on a vertical stand for the new console yet.

The Xbox One X promises high-performance 4K gaming with “40% more power than any other console,” with more details on game exclusives expected to come in the coming months. Pre-order prices for the basic bundle starts at $500, with deliveries going out beginning Nov. 7.

The video below shows the launch trailer for the new Xbox One X, previously known as “Project Scorpio,” from Microsoft’s presentation at this year’s E3.


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