Xbox One X Pre-Orders Are Available Again, But Probably Won’t Last Long

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Been looking for an Xbox One X console? So have a lot of people, and up until this point, it’s been tough to get your hands on a pre-order for it. Fortunately, a few retailers have you covered, and are offering up the regular edition of the system (sorry, not the Project Scorpio one) for pre-order.

Amazon pre-orders for the Xbox One X are available here, with the system slated to ship on November 7th – just in time for release. As expected, the system will be $499.99, and includes a 1TB hard drive, as well as a controller and necessary cables. We’re not sure how long pre-orders will be open, so you might want to jump quickly.

In addition, other retailers have their pre-orders open for the system as well, including the following:

  • Best Buy. The retailer is once again offering pre-orders, with the option to either have it shipped to you or picked up in store. There are also a number of retailers that will be hosting late night openings, but you’ll have to check the above page to see who’s doing what. It never hurts to find a midnight opening, so you can get your hands on the hardware first. (If you’re still not convinced, Best Buy will also host a special hands-on session with the system in stores starting November 17th.)
  • This retailer is not only offering up pre-orders for the system, but also a number of trade-in deals, where you can score anywhere between $100 and $200 on trade-in systems, depending on the hardware. These include the Xbox One and its models, as well as the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Nintendo Switch. Y’know, in case you want to get rid of them. Its systems are expected on November 7th.
  • If you prefer, you can order your system directly from Microsoft. They’ll have plenty in stock in store starting on November 7, or you can order off their store page here. The only catch is, they’re not expected to ship the hardware until the end of November. So you might want to check the stores first.

So there you go! If you want an Xbox One X system, have at it!

The Xbox One X releases on November 7th.

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