Xbox One X Pre-Order Sales Outpace Any Previous Xbox, Microsoft Says

While it may not technically be a brand-new system, there is a demand for the upcoming Xbox One X. According to Microsoft, it’s been pre-ordered more quickly than any other console in Xbox history.

As expected, pre-orders for the Xbox One X were announced and went live this past Sunday as part of Gamescom, quickly selling out. “Within just a few days, we saw record-setting sell-out times and are currently sold out in many countries around the world,” Microsoft marketing VP Mike Nichols wrote on the Xbox Wire. “You, our biggest fans, have pre-ordered more Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition consoles in the first five days than any Xbox ever.”

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Those on the fence about pre-ordering an Xbox One X may have been encouraged to do so by the announcement of the Scorpio Edition. This version of the console features an altered design and includes a vertical stand; more significantly, it will only be available by pre-order.

Microsoft doesn’t plan to offer more Scorpio Edition consoles as a result of the demand, but pre-orders for the standard edition of the console (which carries the same $500/£449/AU $649 price) are coming. The company will share more details about that wave of pre-orders at some point in September. You can follow the latest in our Xbox One X pre-order guide; we’ve seen Scorpio Editions pop up in stores briefly this week after selling out, so you haven’t necessarily missed your last chance to get one at retail price.

Xbox One X launches on November 7. It features a substantial increase in power and is capable of running 4K games, though you don’t necessarily need a 4K display to take advantage. Not every game will leverage the additional power, but the list of Xbox One X enhanced games continues to grow and is now over 110 titles.

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