Xbox One X Overheating Issue Pointed Out By Reddit User


By Robert Workman
– November 20, 2018

Microsoft has been touting for the past year or so about the power of the Xbox One X console, and how it makes their games look better than ever. However, one particular user on Reddit came across an issue that he couldn’t help but bring up — and it has some other folks wondering if the system’s a little too powerful for its own good.
The user purchased his system last year, when it launched as part of the Project Scorpio first day line. And it’s been running fine, but just when the warranty expired on it, he noticed some issues.
Cobbmeister, the user in question, noted, “I’ve had my Xbox One X Scorpio from launch, and the waranty just gone also. The last few days it seemed to be cutting out due to heat issues. Doing the usual looking for blockages like filth and dirt etc In the back of my mind I Knew it was the CPU. Taking it to bits and finding the thermal paste in the state it was in the picture. As you can see all the paste to one side. The chip had a slightly gold ish tinge although I think this was due to the light in the photo.
You can see the photo below, and it definitely looks a bit odd, considering the system’s superior design.
(Photo: Reddit)“I’m supprised it lasted this long,” he said. However, he seems to have fixed the problem with a little ingenuity. “Anyway all cleaned up, new Akasa Thermal grease used. And running perfectly.”
Other users have sounded off on the matter. DesertFawkes couldn’t help but ask, “What the hell is up with that build quality. Yours must have been manufactured at 4:59pm on a Friday.”
Meanwhile, YouAreSalty added, “You are making me worried, but so far I have had no problems with my X. Not even crashes.” To which Cobbmeister responded, “Only really noticed it on Red Dead 2. It was just unfortunate with my warranty but there are loads of easy guides out there.”
And he had another bit of advice when it came to the general usage of the CPU. “Use a credit card or something similar to remove the old paste off the CPU. Never, ever, ever use any metal object near the CPU. Also use something like TIM Cleaner after most of the old paste has been removed.”
The Xbox support team hasn’t said a word about this issue. In fact, we’re not even sure if they’re aware that it’s happened to this user. We’ll certainly pass along word and see if they have anything to say on the matter. But usually, they’ll cover and repair these issues, even if it’s only slightly outside warranty. (Circumstances vary, mind you.)
The Xbox One X is available now.


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