Xbox All Access: Subscription Pricing, Features and UK Availability news


Microsoft has had a busy year; alongside announcing and releasing a host of incredible Xbox One and PC games, the company has been hard at work developing Project Largo. But unlike Project Scorpio, this isn’t a new piece of hardware. Instead, it’s a service that’ll put Xbox consoles and games into the hands of those that can’t afford the upfront cost of the console. It’s called Xbox All Access, and according to reports, it’s due to launch very soon.
Here’s everything we know about Xbox All Access so far, including details about the subscription, launch date and UK availability.
What is Xbox All Access and when will it launch?
Microsoft has been reportedly been working on ‘Project Largo’ for the past few months, and according to The Verge and Windows Central, the project is a new subscription service that’ll provide consumers with not only an Xbox One console, but also a subscription to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.
It’s called Xbox All Access, and if plans don’t change, it should be on track to be announced soon. You might be wondering why the service wasn’t announced during Gamescom 2018 – the company had a huge presence at the European show, after all. But that’s exactly why; it was in Europe, and at launch, the subscription service is set to be available to US consumers only.
We imagine that Microsoft will host a US-based event in the coming weeks to reveal the service that’ll offer access to the choice of an Xbox One S or Xbox One X and a growing library of games.  
How much does Xbox All Access cost?
As mentioned, the Xbox All Access subscription will come in two tiers – a cheaper subscription with an Xbox One S, and a premium subscription that’ll come bundled with the high-end Xbox One X.
Let’s start with the standard subscription. It’ll allegedly cost around $22 per month and will come with an Xbox One S, an Xbox Gold subscription and a subscription to Xbox Game Pass. The contract lasts 24 months, at which time you’ll be able to keep the console, but you’ll have to start paying for Game Pass & Xbox Live.
It’s a similar affair with the premium subscription, but with one key difference; you get the high-end, 4K-enabled Xbox One X instead of the Xbox One S. It is noticeably more expensive at around $35 per month, but with the console going for $499.99 on the Microsoft Store in the US, it’s understandable.  
Will Xbox All Access come to the UK?
With Xbox All Access being exclusive to the US at launch, will it ever be available in the UK? While unconfirmed, both The Verge and Windows Central agree that Microsoft will monitor interest in the service and, if popular enough, it’ll roll it out to several other countries including the UK.
Sadly, there’s no timeline on how long we’ll be waiting for the service to launch in the UK, but we can only hope that it’s available sooner rather than later. It’s the perfect way for consumers to jump into the world of Xbox without having to find hundreds of pounds upfront.


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