We May See Project Scorpio Specs Soon

Microsoft has been pretty mum on information about Project Scorpio ever since it confirmed the project last year. We do know that it’s going to be the most powerful Xbox that the company has created thus far and that it’s going to allow players to experience true 4K gaming.

Aside from that, we don’t know much about the specs of this console right now.

However, a new report suggests that Microsoft will reveal the Project Scorpio specs soon. Apparently they have collaborated with a major gaming news outlet on the reveal. This unnamed outlet has apparently visited Microsoft to find out more about the Project Scorpio specs ahead of this “planned exclusive blowout of coverage.” So basically it won’t be long now.

Earlier reports suggested that Microsoft would unveil Forza Motorsport 7 as the headliner for Project Scorpio and they may also use Red Dead Redemption 2 to show off the console’s true 4K gaming abilities. We will see about that. The report is expected to come out next week, on Thursday.
Microsoft has not commented on all of this just yet so take it with a grain of salt. Even when they reveal the specs, they will likely choose to keep some things secret.

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