Users Are Reporting Xbox One X Problems

Issues? Return your console.

You didn’t think Microsoft’s console would be free of launch errors, did you? Without fail, consoles launch with their fair share of issues (we’ve seen it with the Xbox 360, PS4 and even the Switch), unfortunately, The Xbox One X is no different, users across forums have been posting about ‘dead’ consoles and shutting off issues.

One user on Reddit spoke about how he just received his console and experienced it being faulty within the first 20 minutes.

‘About 20 minutes in, my console just went dark. No picture and the Xbox logo was off. I thought it was just a software glitch that caused the console to crash but it would not turn on at all. I tried switching it to different plugs that I know work but there was still no response.’

As of right now, it seems that those who purchased the limited edition Project Scorpio consoles are having most of the problems. Which means that if you haven’t had any issues with your Standard Xbox One X for the past couple of hours, your console is probably fine.

For those that are having issues, it seems like it’s a hardware problem, which means that if you find yourself with a defective console, you’ll have to return it under warranty.

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