The Original Xbox One is Being Discontinued by Microsoft

It has been four years now that Xbox One was released and now Microsoft is discontinuing original Xbox One in the United States. The retail versions Xbox One X and Xbox One S are available in their online stores and for those who still want to settle for the Xbox One – refurbished models of Xbox One are available for $199.

Microsoft’s Store at the US no longer has the product listed for purchase while at UK Xbox One is still listed but shows sold out. Whether Microsoft decides to keep the Xbox One in UK or not is still not revealed.

The Original Xbox One is Being Discontinued by Microsoft
The Original Xbox One is Being Discontinued by Microsoft

The first Xbox One had resembled a VCR unit back then and was $100 more than Sony’s PlayStation 4, may be this is why Sony was a step ahead than Microsoft when it came to console. The Kinetic Sensor from Xbox One helped in narrowing the gap six months later after the console was launched. Even though PS4 has been a tough competitor in term of sales, Microsoft has always ensured that they deliver better hardware and games.

Last year the software giant released the Xbox One S that was white and had a trimmed look as that of a robot. They also stopped developing Xbox 360. As the console began to get more compact the more praises it gathered. They now had 4K support for Bluray discs and apps such as Amazon Video and Netflix. Microsoft is now concentrating on its upcoming Xbox One X for its dedicated fans and another Xbox One S for the entry console.

The Xbox One X units were sold out within 25 minutes on Amazon and there are more Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition consoles that fans have pre-ordered in the first 5 days than any other Xbox’s that have ever been released.

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