The Morning After: Weekend Edition

It’s coming back.‘Black Mirror’ season four teaser trailer

Black Mirror is coming back to depress us all, and Netflix has revealed the cast and directors for season four’s episodes in a 50-second teaser trailer. Yes, it looks like one of them is about a killer robot.

We like big phones.The Galaxy Note 8 has arrived

And it hasn’t exploded yet, which is good. Check out our hands-on preview plus all the coverage from Samsung’s event right here.

Easier to get than Nintendo’s SNES Classic Edition.The Xbox One X may be a tough sell, but Microsoft says it’s selling

Sure, Devindra isn’t convinced by Microsoft’s sales pitch for the Xbox One X, but apparently someone is. Microsoft announced the Project Scorpio Edition has sold out, claiming it has more pre-orders in five days than any Xbox ever. Details for pre-orders of the standard edition will come next month, before the “world’s most powerful console” ships November 7th.

One tiny problem.Samsung Chromebook Pro review

This Chromebook Pro “has a great screen that flips around so you can use it as a tablet and it’s one of a few Chromebooks that supports Android apps.” Unfortunately, despite being delayed, Nathan Ingraham found that Samsung’s Core m3-powered convertible laptop suffers from relatively short battery life and a price that’s higher than the similar Asus Chromebook Flip.

Oreo is officially the next name for AndroidIt’ll be on the Pixel very soon.

Google loves to make a big splash when it reveals the name for the latest version of Android. But the company is going all out this year, using the solar eclipse as an opportunity to reveal that Android O will henceforth be referred to as Oreo. It makes at least a little sense to tie this reveal into the eclipse — those iconic photos of the solar event are a bit evocative of Oreos, after all.

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