Sony Working On An Even Slimmer PlayStation 4? A Slimmer PS4 Pro Maybe?

With Microsoft preparing to unleash the Xbox One Project Scorpio while Nintendo is  enjoying some early success with the Switch in terms of sales, it looks like Sony apparently have something up their sleeve as well. The company is reportedly working on a slimmer version of the PlayStation 4.

Right now, we have no clue as to whether this is a slimmer PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro, however this piece of news comes courtesy of digi times, which off handedly mentions the possibility. The latter seems a lot more likely since it would be pretty stupid to churn out a slimmer version of an already fairly slim PS4.

It’s obvious that the Nintendo Switch is not in the same league as the other consoles due its lack of firepower in comparison with the the PS4 or the Xbox One, but Microsoft may have a game changer in the upcoming Xbox One Project Scorpio which  is expected to be the most powerful console to date.

Keeping that in mind, It’s hard to understand how a slimmer PlayStation 4 Pro would be a good move for Sony right now since a lot of people aren’t really responding to 4K gaming cause of the hefty prices involved.

While a slimmer version could be a nice little option for consumers, there’s no way it will be something Sony could use to counter the threat of Scorpio.

Nevertheless it is still exciting to see what Sony is preparing for us and should these reports turn out to be true we may learn more about it at this year’s E3. Should Proect Scorpio be all that Microsoft has promised, it could end up steamrolling the PS4 Pro.

Microsoft has recently had some trouble with exclusives but Phil Spencer claims that they are working on something that we have not seen yet. He also asked fans to check out the games before they pre-order the console.

What do you think of a slimmer PS4 Pro? Would it be a good move by Sony and would you like to see it happen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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