PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch owners given SHOCKING news following huge week in gaming

PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch owners given SHOCKING news following huge week in gamingNINTENDO/SONY/MICROSOFT

PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch owners given SHOCKING news following huge week in gaming

Following one of the biggest gaming weeks of the year, which saw three of arguably the best games released in 2017, it’s also been revealed that British men are racking up on average three times as long playing games consoles than their children.

The shock new study found that British men were finding time for 17 hours of gaming per week, but by comparison, their kids were only playing video games for just six hours per week.

Somewhat worryingly, almost a third of British parents confess that Grand Theft Auto V, a certificate 18 game, is one of their children’s favourites.

The team at conducted the survey as part of an ongoing study into British attitudes towards technology and gaming.

2,123 British parents aged 18 and over, a 50/50 split of men and women all of whom stated that enjoy playing video games and they have at least one child under the age of 16 years old and, were quizzed about their home life.

And the results were rather surprising.



found a nation of young blokes so keen on their Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4s that they’re friends are being left languishing in pubs while they bash away on thrower home console.

A study also found that British men have an average of nine online ‘friends’ they’ve gotten to know via their console multiplayer games but they’ve never met in real life.

And 22% of participants said they regard an online pal as one of their closest friends.


Initially, all respondents were asked “What would you say is your ideal Friday night?” to which 34% answered ‘having friends over to my house’, 32% said ‘relaxing alone or with my partner’, 28% answered ‘going to a bar or pub’ and 6% said ‘clubbing’.

Next, all participants were asked if they would prefer staying in and playing video games over going out and socialising with friends, to which 48% said yes.

Initially, all respondents were asked ‘How many games consoles do you have in your home?’ to which the average response was ‘three’.

When asked what consoles they had, the top consoles were revealed as ‘an Xbox One’ (43%), ‘a PlayStation 4’ (31%) and ‘a PC’ (25%).

Wanting to delve a little deeper, all respondents were asked to state how long, on average, each person played video games per week.

The results showed that children were likely to spend just six hours per week playing, followed by women/mothers who were likely to rack up nine hours per week.

Furthermore, it was revealed that men/fathers play for an average of 17 hours per week.

When asked when they were most likely to play, 68% of all respondents confessed that they’d wait until their children were in bed.

All respondents were then asked what their top games to play were, as well as what games their children preferred to play.

The results showed that the top games for British men are ‘Destiny 2’ (27%) and ‘Battlefield’ (22%), the top games for British women are ‘World of Warcraft’ (25%) and ‘the SIMs (18%), and the top games for British children are ‘Minecraft’ (34%) and ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ (29%).

George Charles, spokesman for, commented:

“Whilst games consoles are a hit with today’s youth, there are so many games aimed at adults that still entice parents – especially when the kids are in bed and they get a bit of peace and quiet.

“Many games themselves start at around £50 in shops these days, with prices increasing online if you want to download special editions, so it’s no surprise that if the average home has three consoles that the costs run into thousands.”

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