Project Scorpio Specs Leak Incoming On April 6 From Eurogamer, No Official Reveal From Microsoft

There is a lot of rumor/report on the internet stating that some sort of Project Scorpio news is coming this Thursday (April 6). The rumor was started by Jez Cordon, a Senior Editor at Windows Central. On Twitter, Jez was having a discussion with another user about some of the Xbox One games (Halo 5 and Witcher 3) running at 4K resolution on Project Scorpio using dynamic resolution. When a user enquired about it, Jez replied: “Potentially… that seems to be the case. Nervous to say “definite”… but let’s see what happens next week.”

Project Scorpio Specs Leak On April 6

The statement: “Let’s see what happens next week” caught the attention of other Twitter users, and immediately after that Jez was bombarded with a query: “let’s see what happens next week” <—What does this mean?”, to which Jez replied: “Thursday.” with a smile.

When asked whether this new Project Scorpio information will come from Microsoft or it will be from you? Jez replied: “Not me, but there will be Scorpio info next week.”

In a separate tweet, Twitter user The Inner Circle revealed that Specs of Project Scorpio will be revealed this coming Thursday (April 6) by Eurogamer/Digital Foundry.

Going by the details shared by Xbox France Head, it seems like the rumor stating Eurogamer/Digital Foundry will unveil the specs of Project Scorpio this coming Thursday looks legit. When asked by Xbox France Boss about the Project Scorpio reveal this coming Thursday? he replied a BIG “NO”.

So prepare yourself folks for this year’s biggest LEAK.

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