Project Scorpio Being A Modular Console Unlikely, Says Phil Spencer

As Microsoft’s Project Scorpio launch comes closer, we take a look at rumors regarding whether it will have upgradeable components or not. Being able to upgrade consoles might put them on par with the PC ecosystem in terms of pure gaming power and longevity. However, Phil Spencer quickly shot down any possibility of that happening and says that their Project Scorpio is not meant to be opened with a screwdriver by the users.

Spencer said that upgrading components in a console is, as per his tweet, “a stretch”. There is not much information about Project Scorpio except that it is going to be the most powerful console ever made. The specs boast a massive 6 teraflops of power, when compared to Sony’s latest PS4 Pro’s 4.12 teraflops it is a massive increase. Scorpio will also have an 8-core CPU along with a memory speed of 320GB/s.

Phil Spencer emphasized on the fact that consoles were meant to be plug-and-play and that’s why it is going to stay that way. The appeal of a console is that it is very different from something like a Gaming PC due to the fact of it not requiring constant upgrades to be able to play most new games. This also plays a key role in the affordability of consoles as they provide arguably the same performance as a mid-tier Gaming PC but cost way less.

Spencer said: “Am I going to break open my console and start upgrading individual pieces of my console? That’s not our plan. There is something special about what happens with a console. You buy an appliance-like device; you plug it into your TV; it works when you plug it in. It’s not like I’m going to ship a screwdriver set with every console that comes out.”

Microsoft is still yet to release the price of their upcoming console but what we do know is that it is going to cost more than Xbox One ($300) and we might get more on this as E3 2017 draws nearer. Project Scorpio is confirmed to fit in the Xbox ecosystem as it will play normal Xbox One games and Xbox 360 games through backward compatibility while also being compatible with all previous Xbox One or Xbox One S accessories such as controllers and peripherals.

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