Project Scorpio announcement coming Thursday; Alleged final name ‘Xbox One X’

Over the weekend it was rumored that we would be seeing a reveal for Project Scorpio and Forza 7 at some point in the next week. Prior to that rumor, another two rumors were making rounds, one suggesting the games Microsoft would be showing off for Scorpio and another detailing that the upcoming console was already in the hands of developers.

Working off of these rumors, another rumor has made its way to the light. The rumor has detailed that this week’s reveal will come from Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry on Thursday and will be the console’s specifications. It will be interesting to see if there’s a rundown of how the console is performing, especially considering that a power and performance enhancing update will be hitting Project Scorpio’s developer kit in June

A run down of the console’s performance in its current state would seem pretty negligible since it doesn’t have all the power.

Another rumor is claiming that Project Scorpio’s final name is Xbox One X. Next to the Xbox One S, the ‘X’ fits into the family of Xbox One devices, however, it could be slightly confusing for some consumers (‘X’ and ‘S’ sound pretty similar, especially over the phone!).

Without confirmation, take all of this with a ton of salt – it’s a rumor after all.

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