Microsoft Xbox Two: Development Kit Codenamed “Anaconda” Spotted


We all know that Microsoft and Sony are preparing for the next console war. Each of them has their own respective next-gen console and are expected to be powerful.Regarding Microsoft’s next-gen console, it is reportedly going to be “Xbox Two”. Well, it makes senses given that the company released Xbox One back in November 2013 followed by the Xbox One S in 2016 and then the Xbox One X in 2017.Codenamed “Scarlett”Back in June, Thurrott’s Brad Sams received a tip about the Xbox Two. Apparently, the next generation Xbox is codenamed “Scarlett” and is reportedly going to be released in 2020. Furthermore, Microsoft describes Scarlett as a family of devices.Codenamed “Anaconda”?This time around, there’s a new rumor about the Xbox Two.Xbox/Microsoft blogger and Window Central’s Jezzle (@JezCorden) tweeted a few days ago that Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox/dev kit is codenamed “Anaconda”. He notes that the name “Anaconda” is keeping up with the reptile theme.The next-gen Xbox/dev kit is codenamed “Anaconda,” in-keeping with the reptile theme. (Current dev kit is Chuckwalla, previous was Durango).— Jezzle (@JezCorden) December 13, 2018Okay, So What Happened To “Scarlett”?In the comment section of @JezCorden’s tweet, a Twitter user who goes by the name Lami (@Lami_Z) asked Jezzle about that.@Lami_Z: “Durango isn’t a reptile. But anyway, whatever happened to Scarlett?”@JezCorden: “”@JezCorden: “Scarlett has always been the project of next gen, not the console.”According to a report, it makes sense that Xbox Two is codenamed as “Anaconda”. The Xbox One was codenamed “Durango”, while the Xbox One X was “Chuckwalla”. Both of these names are reptiles.But there was Xbox One X “Project Scorpio Edition”, right? In fact, it was a special version of the hardware for early pre-order customers according to a November 2017 report by Polygon.Well, according to GamePur, while the codename attached to Xbox One X was Project Scorpio, its dev kit codename was Chuckwalla, yet another reptile. So basically, both Xbox One X and Scarlett dev kits have codenames about reptiles.What are your thoughts and opinions regarding Microsoft’s next-gen hardware’s reported codenames? Tell us in the comment section below.


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