Microsoft Shares Design Process Behind New Console

The release date of the Xbox One X is fast approaching, and the Xbox team has written an in-depth post on all the work the engineering and design teams poured into the new console. The Xbox One X comes out early November.

Xbox/MicrosoftThe Xbox One X has a clear and specific goal from the outset — deliver True 4K Gaming in a small form factor design.

The Xbox One X was formed from the collaboration between engineering and design, to hear Microsoft’s team say it. It all started with a specific goal as well, as the team shared in an Xbox Wire blog update on Thursday, Oct. 5.

The most critical feature of the Xbox One X, it turns out, is its capability to drive “True 4K Gaming.” Delivering on that promise using a platform that’s just a few inches thick came next, as well as making sure that every accessory and port is fully compatible with the Xbox One.

“The other part of our vision is what would embody this product,” Bryan Sparks, Senior Designer of Microsoft’s Device Design Team, said.

“We did not want Xbox One X to be any larger than Xbox One S, which was a huge ask as we were putting 40% more power into it (than any other console). And this is where we knew we had to work with Leo and the engineers to make that happen,” he added, referring to Leonardo Del Castillo, General Manager of Xbox Devices Console Development.

“What ends up looking like a very clean design requires very, very complex tooling and manufacturing processes,” explains Del Castillo, as quoted by The Verge. The whole design needed a vapor chamber heat sink, a first for the consoles industry.

The video below shows an unboxing of a limited edition “Project Scorpio” variant of the Xbox One X, showing off the end result of all the hard work done by Microsoft’s Xbox team on its design. The console is now available for pre-order, and is due to come out on Nov. 7.


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