Microsoft Says Project Scorpio To Become Available In Holiday Season 2017 But Game Console Not Upgradable : News : Droid Report

Besides confirming at the E3 2017 that Project Scorpio would become available in the holiday season 2017, new Xbox boss Phil Spencer says the new console would not be upgradable. In response to a tweet from @HOLYFRIEDMONEY, who asked if it is silly for Microsoft to attempt to upgradable components for the console, he tweeted a response. Spencer says the idea “seems like a stretch.”

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The implication of Spencer’s tweet is that Microsoft has no plans to have an upgradable feature for the upcoming Project Scorpio console, Trusted Review reports. The console is speculated to come with an eight-core CPU and a graphic card with 6TFLOPS, or six trillion floating point operations per second of power. With it would place Project Scorpio on par with the current top-end graphic chips, by the time the console would be available to the public, the player would only be the equivalent of a mid-range PC.

The website adds that while Project Scorpio, because of its specs, would sound like an exciting console, for now, the inability to upgrade it could disappointment gamers. Express adds the console’s spec sheet would be announced before the June event. Its speculated features include the HEVC and VP9 codecs for decoding 2160p, 60 frame-per-second video for Game DVR and streaming.

Express reports that the specs would come out on April 6, but Microsoft has not confirmed the date. However, the company demonstrated to Windows Central, a major gaming outlet which visited the headquarters of Microsoft, the power of Project Scorpio. It did by showing “Forza Motorsport 7” which, according to reports, runs in 4K and would be released just before or on the same day as the upcoming powerful console, BGR reports.

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