Microsoft Not Considering Upgradable Consoles After Scorpio, The Idea Seems Like A “Stretch”, says Spencer

Phil Spencer has once again discussed the idea of an upgradable console in the likes of a high-end PC, and once again has explained his negative opinion about such possibility for the future. According to the Xbox head, this concept is “a stretch”, meaning that he doesn’t foresee such hypothesis to be believable in the next few years or at all.

Project Scorpio Upgrade

“The idea that users will open up a console and change compute components inside seems like a stretch to me,” he said. This doesn’t mean Microsoft has never considered building upon this concept, anyway. It was long rumored before the Redmond platform holder revealed they were working on Project Scorpio, and Sony announced and launched PS4 Pro.

It looks like the industry is coming across a different road now, though. With the announcements of PS4 Pro, as said, and Project Scorpio, it seems we’re going through a model much more similar to the smartphone/tablet world, where platform holders release new models each year or couple years. Xbox One was followed by Xbox One S last year, this year it’ll be Project Scorpio, next year… who knows.

In the meantime, Sony is already rumored to be working on a new slimmer PS4 model.

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