Microsoft Discontinues Original Xbox One and Launches Xbox One X

Microsoft Discontinues Original Xbox One and Launches Xbox One X

Microsoft recently announced it would stop selling all of its original Xbox One models, which will be replaced by Xbox One X’s release.

Microsoft released the original Xbox One with its Kinect attachment in November 2013. In August 2016, Microsoft started selling the new model Xbox One S, with slimmer versions and a new white color revealed for the popular console. Buyers could still purchase the bulkier, original Xbox One model as stores kept the console in-stock on shelves and online. However, now original Xbox One models have officially been taken off Microsoft’s website and labeled as out-of-stock.

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Although the original Xbox One has reached its end, fans who still wish to purchase an Xbox One S have a chance to do so more than ever, as Microsoft released multiple Xbox One S bundle deals with slashed prices on their website. The lowest-priced deals go for $249, with one bundle even including the newest Destiny 2 game. This not only gives fans a chance to purchase the system at a cheaper price, but it also allows them to get a head start on the game before more content is leaked online.


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If fans want the most updated version of the console they will have to pre-order the limited Scorpio edition Xbox One X. The initial pre-order phase has already been launched, but unfortunately, some will have to wait before they can get their hands on the new console according to a source from Forbes:

“We expected our inventory to last for about a week, but we sold out in less than a day,” Microsoft Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg told Rocket Beans. “We don’t share the amounts, but the Project Scorpio Edition was for those core fans, the people that used to sort of line up in front of the stores.”

For those who were able to snag a pre-order before it went out of stock, they can expect to play on a more powerful system with more memory, faster processing speeds, and better-detailed graphics according to the official website.

Microsoft hasn’t announced if more of the limited Scorpio edition Xbox One X’s will be produced, but the console is slated for official release in November of this year at a price of $499.

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