Microsoft Brings the Best to Project Scorpio, Prepare for ReCore, Forza, and More in 4K

Microsoft Studios Aims to Bring Simply the Best to Project Scorpio, Prepare for ReCore, Forza, Gears of War, and More in Brilliant 4k Resolution

According to trusted sources of rectifygaming, Microsoft Studios will be shedding more light on Project Scorpio during an event next Thursday between 9-10 am PDT. This said source also released the information that ReCore Definitive Edition will be coming to both Scorpio and Xbox One in beautiful 4K resolution via a patch which you can expect to jump the game’s storage space in your hard drive from 5.6GB to over a whopping 12GB.

Project Scorpio recore

Forza Motorsport / Horizon and Gears of War 4 will also be getting sweet, sweet 4K upgrades, along with the other game titles included in the upcoming Xbox One lineup, with Red Dead Redemption 2, FIFA 18, Battlefront 2, and more making their way to the console with native 4K resolution.

Microsoft’s current Scorpios have early builds of Redstone 3. This isn’t intended for public release yet, but they plan on announcing this at Microsoft Build conference in May. Another large focus of Project Scorpio that we have yet to see is its VR capability, which is a huge part of Scorpio, but Microsoft Studios won’t be putting full force into their VR development until 2018. However, people who have gotten their hands on Project Scorpio are boasting that it’s simply the best for first-person games, which points to signs that their VR experiences will be something to eagerly look forward to.


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