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Microsoft has released a trailer showing Gears of War 4 enhancements for the Xbox One X

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Whether you like it or not Xbox One X is the most powerful console, and the games look very good. Gers of War 4 will be one of the best looking games on the Xbox One X. It will run at true 4k!

According to Microsoft Gears of War 4 will run at true 4k and it will use HDR. 4k means 3840×2160, right now Gears of War 4 runs at 1920×1080p on the regular Xbox One version. In Xbox One X Gears of War 4 will run at 60 fps, On the Xbox One, it runs at 30 fps in single-player and 60 fps in multiplayer. High dynamic range aka HDR increases contrast, so colors look very good in Gears of War 4. Other performance enhancements are Draw Distances, Dynamic Shadows, and more. 

Microsoft has done a very good with optimizing, considering that Xbox One X’s GPU is like an RX 480 and the CPU is weaker than an I3 7100. A Pc with an I3 7100 and RX 480 wouldn’t be able to run games at ultra setting 4k. Project Scorpio’s CPU has 8 CPU cores counts, it will run at 2.3 GHz, and the l2 cache will be 4mb. The CPU architecture is a Custom x86 Jaguar evolved (the same CPU architecture as the regular Xbox One.) Xbox One’s GPU will have 40 compute units, six teraflops, and 1172MHz cor clock. It will have 12 GB of GDDR5 ram.

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 It was recently announced Halo Master Chief collection would be getting Xbox One X updates. 343 Industries announced after three years Halo Master Chief collection is getting fixed, and it will get a 4k update for the Xbox One X. Ths update will offer visual and game improvements to Halo Master Chief collection. Halo 5 Xbox One X version will get Xbox One X update too, and according to 343 industries, it will look stunning.

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