FreeSync 2 Support Headed to Xbox One S and One X


During the reveal of Microsoft’s stronger Xbox One console, then still named Project Scorpio, the company surprised friend and foe with the console’s ability to support AMD FreeSync 2, which eliminates stuttering and synchronizes the display’s refresh rate with the provided framerate provided by the console. Of course, you’d need a FreeSync compatible display, although the upcoming HDMI 2.1 specification has similar functionalities.

It turns out that not only the Xbox One X can support AMD FreeSync 2, because Microsoft announced variable refresh rate support for the Xbox One S as well, with both devices supporting HDMI 2.1. It is worth noting that the console’s FreeSync functionality will only operate via the HDMI port as neither the One S nor the One X has a DisplayPort input.

Variable refresh rates will be introduced in the upcoming Spring Update for the Xbox One platform and should be available shortly for Xbox Insiders. That was announced during Microsoft’s Xbox Season Première live stream. The Spring Update will also bring native support for 1440p displays. Microsoft is also currently investigating to automatically switch the display’s setting to ‘game mode’ with lower latencies whenever the console is turned on.

At the moment, FreeSync 2 is only available on monitors and no television are currently available with a variable refresh rate. However, expect upcoming models with HDMI 2.1 ports to have support for this feature.

Alpha-insiders will be able to test out the variable refresh rate in the coming days, and it will become available to insiders in the beta, delta and omega ring as well. An official and final release date for the Spring Update hasn’t been announced yet.


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