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This year’s E3 looks set to be the most exciting yet as it promises to see the unveiling of many massive gaming titles. Names like Death Stranding and Assassin’s Creed will be among the most talked about games at the event and many can’t wait for it.

But of course, production games are not the only thing that is coming to E3. Consoles too will be hoping to make it big at the event. While not confirmed yet, Microsoft may utilize their stage time at E3 to bring out the highly anticipated console, Project Scorpio.

Unlike the Xbox One, Project Scorpio promises to offer the best technical experience in the industry and we can’t wait to check out what it will have to offer. On a final note, E3 is rumored to be the place where Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty World War 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 break their covers.

With all these variables linked to participate in E3, we can’t help but feel excited for the event. E3 2017 will be happening in June, two months from now.

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